4th of July as an Autistic Person

Well happy national fireworks day everyone. A day where I spend most of the night wearing noise cancelling headphones and trying to distract myself from the bomb like sounds going off outside my house.

What I do on the Noisy Days

While noise cancelling headphones are great to help me avoid sensory overload, the feeling and pressure of over the ear headphones can actually, in itself, lead to me being overstimulated if I wear them too long.

Binders and Sensory Issues

Being autistic, I'm very sensitive to how things feel on my skin and the the pressure that can come with tighter clothing. So I've never really bought before because of it. But my chest has always been a part of myself that brings a lot of gender dysphoria. But I'm going to try binding and see if I can handle it.

Pre-Shift Thoughts

I like knowing which side I'll be on as it helps me know how long I should give myself to leave. Some days I can leave a little later if I'm on the neuro side. It also helps me prepare to know who I am working with. Some people can drain my energy faster than others, and I need as much energy as I can get when I'm working.

Changes and Burnout

Hello again. It's been a few days since I last posted on here. I've been feeling a bit burnt out lately and still have had to go to work while feeling this way, so it hasn't been a great week really.

Post Therapy Anxiety

Overall, I'm feeling a lot of mixed things about this. But I think I will still return and see how she can help me with this constant cycle of anxiety I've been going through lately.

The Aftermath of Social Interactions

It also becomes increasingly difficult to handle social interactions when they choose places that I've never been to or places with super loud environments. Hanging out with my friends means I usually do more masking than normal because I always feel the need to come off as more flexible than I actually am.

The Quiet Hour

Today I will be talking about something I've started incorporating into my routine on my work nights. I call it the quiet hour. It may not necessarily be a full hour. But I've found it really helpful to get me in the right mood for work.

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